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    How can i install FWcloud-agent without network in server

    Could u tell a bit more about your case? I have a hard time seeing the use of fwcloud-agent without having a network connections. U could download the installer copying it to the system and install it. (deb or rpm).
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    Minor UI issue closing dialog

    When closing a dialog ESC can be used as long as u do not click somewhere on the dialog. The ESC works when one of the fields have focus but not when the dialog itself is in focus. (after dragging for example)
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    Refreshing the UI gives a 404

    Any release schedule for the new versions?
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    Refreshing the UI gives a 404

    Sadly that one is not public. But good it's on the roadmap.
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    Refreshing the UI gives a 404

    Not all routes serv the UI application. When i press F5 when on the login page (:3030/user/login) i get Cannot GET /user/login
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    Force admin to change username & password, some more idea's

    After first login the admin should be forced to change the default username & password. Also during the reset / changing having 2 passwords fields would make it less likely for users to make a mistake. Requiring the current password to be inserted for your own password change would be a...
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    Custom install / compile

    The nice thing about fwcloud ui is the reuse of object and the general (centeral) interface. I think it would be nice if it can be used to generate firewall configuration for unsupported systems by using a template engine or so. In combination with a custom install script it would be possible to...
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    scripts access to the rules set

    The script is executed on the host machine. For this i think it would be better if it can be executed on the fwcloud server. So basically a pre-compile / pre-install hook. If there any documentation about the context the scripts are executed. What location. What files are accessible etc. Can it...
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    scripts access to the rules set

    Can script access/edit the ruleset? I would like to push a copy to git when it is installed as a audit log for example.
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    Reuse of group rules

    Is there a option to reuse group rules / have the same rule apply to multiple hosts?
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    Anti lockout rules

    I am playing with fwcloud and i locked myself out by not having port 33033 in the allow list when running the agent. But could be the same for using SSH. Maybe it's a idea to add a anti-lockout based on the method used to apply the configuration from.
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    [solved] Empty reply from server

    Thanks, i did not expect 3030 to be https. I am used that another container has to do this like
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    [solved] Empty reply from server

    I have cloned the repository and executed docker-compose up -d. This boots up 3 containers. No errors are observed in the logs of the container (docker logs . After a few minutes still no response on port 3030. Port is bound by the container. But if i...
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    Gathered security tips

    Is the roadmap public?
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    Gathered security tips

    Adding GEO restrictions using
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    pfSense or OPNsense support

    pfSense and OPNsense are both based on freebsd and would require a custom agent, a separated script generator or API module Both distributions are quite popular. Adding support for them would allow the community to expand a lot if u ask me as there is no good opensource option for this. Should...
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    OVA file

    On the website there is a reference to a OVA virtual machine file Is it still for download somewhere?
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    pfSense or OPNsense support

    Did u guys consider supporting OPNsense or pfSense? OPNsense has SSH/API and pfSense could be managed using SSH.