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  1. Segis Ferrairó

    Documentation updated to the next version

    FWCloud continues to advance in functionality and security. Soon we will publish the new version of FWCloud. We have already announced in previous posts some of the new features that will be available in the new release. As part of the update process we have reviewed the online documentation...
  2. Segis Ferrairó

    New FWCloud release advance: VPN History

    More features the new version will include: VPN History. Another new functionality that allows us to have an agent installed in the firewalls managed by FWCloud is to be able to consult the history of all the VPN connections configured in a firewall. This information is obtained by...
  3. Segis Ferrairó

    New FWCloud release advance: FWCloud-Agent

    The new version comes with new features, one of them is FWCloud-Agent. This FWCloud agent provides faster communications between FWCloud and managed firewalls while providing greater security. It also opens the door to the incorporation of new advanced functionalities that we will show, such as...
  4. Segis Ferrairó

    New FWCloud release advance: Routing

    The new version of FWCloud incorporates important new functionalities. Among them, we have added the ability to fully create and manage the routing policy of our system through the FWCloud-UI interface. In addition, we have created a new video that describes, using examples, how to use...
  5. Segis Ferrairó

    New FWCloud release advance: NFTables compiler

    FWCloud-UI is prepared to compile and install the security policies defined in it for various packet filtering frameworks. That was taken into account from its design. In the new release we will allow compiling for IPTables and also for NFTables. We have recorded a new video where you can see...
  6. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud-UI: Hook scripts

    FWCloud-UI allows you to expand the possibilities when creating a security policy. You can add scripts to complement it, for instance loading modules, doing any accounting, or executing external commands. These scripts are applied at the rule level and therefore can be run both before and after...
  7. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud-UI: Blocking and Unblocking VPNs

    FWCloud-UI makes it easy to block and unblock VPN connections. FWCloud-UI allows you to block VPN connections, allowing their subsequent unblocking. The interface clearly shows the connections that we have blocked. It provides simplicity whether they are habitual or sporadic actions, and at the...
  8. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud new feature: Advanced search

    We have improved the search function. Now it allows searching by names, as well as IP addresses and TCP / UDP ports. The pattern to find can match both the name and the value assigned to the different objects in FWCloud-UI. Look at a practical search case in this video
  9. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud-UI: Autodiscover interfaces of a cluster

    The automatic detection utility of FWCloud-UI not only helps you save time, but also avoids mistakes made when entering information manually. We have created this new video to illustrate how you can get all the relative information of the network interfaces of a firewall cluster collected and...
  10. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud new feature: Import-Wizard (part II)

    We have a new video about the new FWCloud feature: "Firewall / Cluster Import Wizard". If in the last video we showed how to import a firewall to FWCloud, this time we are going to import a cluster of firewalls. You will see that the wizard keeps this process so easy and fast. Please don't...
  11. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud-UI video tutorials: Autodiscover

    Following our policy of disclosing the use of FWCloud, we have added a new video tutorial in the FWCloud-UI documentation. This video describes how to use the "Autodiscover" utility in order to add the network interfaces information to the configuration of your firewall in FWCloud-UI, like...
  12. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud new feature: Import-Wizard.

    We are proud to announce a new FWCloud feature that will be included in the new version of FWCloud: Import-Wizard. This wizard will guide you step by step in importing the policy of any firewall that can be exported with the IPTables-save command. Furthermore, if the firewall to be imported was...
  13. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud-UI video tutorials: Categories

    We have made some changes in the Video tutorial section of FWCloud-UI documentation From now on the videos will be classified in different categories according to their content, VPN, Policy, etc. There are also two special categories: ALL, which includes all published videos /// NEW...
  14. Segis Ferrairó

    FWCloud-UI published User Manual

    FWCloud is a product that we are improving every day! In our work we use it every day so we are continually adding improvements and new functionalities. As part of our interest in making this web application known and facilitating its use, we have we have split the FWCloud-UI website...
  15. Segis Ferrairó

    Usage question

    Hi, At the current moment FWCloud does not use nftables, but we are adding new features day by day We are about to publish a new documentation for the UI, so state tune, but if you have more questions do not hesitate to ask here