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  1. Carles Munyoz

    Add Servers to Cluster with Agent

    Yes, it is possible. Look at the left switch button for each cluster node that will allow you change a cluster node between SSH and FWCloud-Agent management communication.
  2. Carles Munyoz

  3. Carles Munyoz

    Manage your firewalls using FWCloud-Agent

    We are very proud to announce the availability of FWCloud-Agent, a new way of communication with the firewalls administered by means of FWCloud that will improve performance, security and allow amazing new features that we will add in next releases. FWCloud allows you to centrally manage...
  4. Carles Munyoz


    No, it is not possible at this moment, we have it in our roadmap. For communications with the managed firewalls you can use SSH or FWCloud-Agent.
  5. Carles Munyoz


    The new FWCloud release, including the FWCloud-Agent support, will be published tomorrow together with a new web section for FWCloud-Agent. Nevertheless if you want try it now, you can download your Linux distribution package (deb or rpm) from here:
  6. Carles Munyoz

    Bug fix release for FWCloud-API.

    We have just released the patch release v1.3.1 for FWCloud-API. It fixes a bug in the firewall policy compilation procedure related with the comments of the rules. Update procedure The next time you access your FWCloud platform by means of the web user interface, a popup message will warn you...
  7. Carles Munyoz

    New FWCloud releases.

    It is a pleasure to announce the availability of the next FWCloud package's releases with lot of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. - FWCloud-API 1.3.0 - FWCloud-UI 1.2.0 - FWCloud-Websrv 1.0.5 There are two main new features included in these releases: the NFTables compiler...
  8. Carles Munyoz

    Does FWCloud support Linux Firewalld

    Hello, This is an issue already answered in other post: Please, let me know if the answer in this thread answers your question. Best regards.
  9. Carles Munyoz

    Can I install FWCLOUD on Oracle 7 Linux operating system

    Hi, We have not tried it, but if you follow the install script steps and adapt them to Oracle 7 Linux Operating System, I think that you will be able to complete the installation. Nevertheless, why do you need it in such Linux distribution if you can have it in Debian, Ubuntu, etc.?
  10. Carles Munyoz

    [SOLVED] Not able to install fwcloud on centos 7

    The last Centos release is 8. We have installed FWCloud in the last Centos release and it has gone fine. Why are you using Centos 7 or Centos 6 in a fresh new virtual machine? Have you tried the installation in Centos 8?
  11. Carles Munyoz

    [SOLVED] Not able to install fwcloud on centos 7

    Which Centos version are you using?
  12. Carles Munyoz

    [SOLVED] Not able to install fwcloud on centos 7

    Hi, Please, run the installer again but with this little variation and send us the output with the error: curl -k -s -o ./ && sudo bash -x ./ && rm -f...
  13. Carles Munyoz

    Complex Policy Rules for Custom Services

    We have add this feature to our roadmap and will be available soon. Thank you very much.
  14. Carles Munyoz

    Branch to New Policy Chains

    We have already added this feature to our roadmap and will be available soon, in one of the next releases. Thank you very much for your feedback.
  15. Carles Munyoz

    Complex Policy Rules for Custom Services

    Can you give us examples of how do you manage this in fwbuilder? We can do something similar and maybe we can include it in our next FWCloud release.
  16. Carles Munyoz

    Branch to New Policy Chains

    I understand, thank you for the detailed explanation. Then, for do it with FWCloud you need: Feature for create you own chains. Allow the use of custom chains in the actions column. Is it correct or do you need something more?
  17. Carles Munyoz

    Branch to New Policy Chains

    Hi, At this moment it is not possible to create your own policy chains. The FWCloud IPTables/NFTables compiler generates the required custom chains for every rule you create using the FWCloud user interface, but you can not create your own custom chains. Yes, it is a feature included in our...
  18. Carles Munyoz

    Complex Policy Rules for Custom Services

    Hi Alasdair, At this moment you can do it using the feature that we have called hook scripts at the rule level. If you edit the the rule options, you can add shell script code that will be executed before or after the rule loading. Then you can do something like this: In the future we will...
  19. Carles Munyoz

    How to define Custom ports

    You are welcome!