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  1. premkumar

    Does FWCloud support Linux Firewalld

    Hi Team, I have tried and tested IPTables from linux working fine with FWCloud Just wanted to know if Firewalld from Linux is also supported by FWCloud Regards, Premkumar Waghmare
  2. premkumar

    Can I install FWCLOUD on Oracle 7 Linux operating system

    Hi Team, I understand FWCloud can be installed on Centos8 and Ubuntu Last time I tried it on Centos 7 and Centos 6 It did not work I am looking to install it on Oracle7 Linux Operating system Can you please let me know if FWCloud can be installed on Oracle 7 Linux Operating system
  3. premkumar

    [SOLVED] Not able to install fwcloud on centos 7

    Hi Team, Not able to install fwcloud on centos 7, Able to install it on Ubunutu Can you please check and let us know why fwcloud installtion on centos 7 fails I am trying to install fwcloud via curl -k -s
  4. premkumar

    How to define Custom ports

    Hi Forum, I have port 3000 to be Opened for some IP Ranges In Service section I see standard ports like SSH, NFS and HTTP How to find a custom port so that it can be dragged and dropped in the service section of the INPUT filters As did not find any Custom port in the services tab Thank you for...
  5. premkumar

    Observing the error while compiling

    Hi Forum, Observed the below error while compiling 2021/6/23 10:15:2 - [NOTICE] NAT TABLE (IPv4): 2021/6/23 10:15:2 - [NOTICE] SNAT: 2021/6/23 10:15:2 - [ERROR] Error in compilation of firewall 'LinuxHost': For SNAT 'Translated Service' must be empty if 'Translated Source' is empty 2021/6/23...
  6. premkumar

    Did Deny port 80 from fwcloud, Exported but port 80 still accessible

    Hi Forum, I have disabled (Deny) port 80 from the fwcloud firewall of a Linux server, So that noone can access port 80 from anywhere Have pushed the settings to the Linux server by export / Install / compile all But the http pf the linux host still continues to be accessible, What is wrong...
  7. premkumar

    Manage iptables of multiple machines centrally

    Hi Forum, I have around 1000 linux servers, I am looking to manage iptables of all the linux servers centrally Like If there is a change in iptables of 500 machines that should be done from once central web browser Also any addition / deletion of iptables on linux boxes can be done from central...
  8. premkumar

    [SOLVED] Not able to access fwcloud UI http://localhost:3030

    Followed the Installation and was sucessfull, Firewalld port 3030 is open Still not able to access fwcloud on Centos 7 --- PROCESS COMPLETED ---- Your FWCloud system is ready! WARNING: Package firewalld is installed. You will have to allow access to TCP port 3030 in your firewalld policy. If...