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New SOLTECSIS software repository

Segis Ferrairó

Staff member
We have simplified the installation process of FWCloud-agent

Until now it was necessary to download the corresponding package using utilities like "wget" and then install it.

We have created a repository to facilitate the distribution of the software.

Now enough just run:

sudo apt install fwcloud-agent (for Debian/Ubuntu distributions)
sudo yum install fwcloud-agent (for CentOS/RedHat/Fedora distributions)

This will find the version corresponding to the distribution, download it and install it.

To be able to search for or install packages from SOLTECSIS repository, it is necessary to have it configured in our system.
What we will do by running:

curl -s | sudo bash (if working on Debian/Ubuntu distributions)
curl -s | sudo bash (for CentOS/RedHat/Fedora distributions)

This one line command configures the repository to suit the distribution.

From now on using the "apt" or "yum" system utility we can directly download the FWCloud packages.