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What is the current status of FWCloud?

Is FWCloud still in active development?

The last updates to the git repos looks like it was a year or more ago, there was a "new release coming soon" message on the Announce board in April, but nothing since then.

If we can make it work for our use cases I'm keen to deploy it but I'm concerned about it becoming zombieware like FWBuilder ended up.


Carles Munyoz

Staff member
Hi Alasdair,
Of course, YES, it is very active, we have five or our programmers working in it.

If, for example, you take a look at the `devel` branch of the `fwcloud-api` repository you will see that there is a lot of activity over it:

Then same for the `fwcloud-ui-src` repository:

Attached to this post you can see an screenshot of our project panel for versión 2 that will be released in a few weeks.
This release has been delayed because we are working hard in updating all the node modules of the project, and we have had to face with several important breaking changes like, for example, `typeorm`.

I assure you that FWCloud will not became a zombieware project, among many other reasons, because it is a project subsidized by our government and we are using it for us and in lot of customers.

I am sorry that you have had this bad impression, but I assure you that the project is alive and that we have very important improvements planned throughout this year.