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Error after saving changes


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we are adding more and more VMs/Servers to FWCloud at it very comfortable to edit all the firewall rules. But some days we have problems saving changes. A red overlay "Error {"isTrusted":true} will be promted. After that the GUI does not reload and you have to restart the frontend within the browser as all windows will keep empty.

Also sometimes the changes of firewalls/clusters will not work. You will have to do the same changes two or three times.

What could be the problem?


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Carles Munyoz

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Please, can you provide more information about your FWClod installation (version, Linux distribution, etc.) ?

When the error arises in the FWCloud user interface, have you seen error logs in the FWCloud-API backend (/opt/fwcloud/api/logs) ?

This problem is not normal, perhaps it can be a communication problem between your browser and the FWCloud backend.
Do you have a firewall or proxy that can affect such communication?


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Thank you very much! Indeed the problems were caused by our client site firewall :( After whitelisting everything works as expected!