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FWCloud-API 1.5.1 and FWCloud-UI 1.4.0 released

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
We are very proud to announce the availability of FWCloud-API 1.5.1 and FWCloud-UI 1.4.0, the main packages of the FWCloud project, with lot of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

This version brings new amazing features like hook scripts rules that will simplify the insertion of any script code into the FWCloud policy load script. We have added to compatibility with Docker, CrowdSec and Fail2Ban, for seamless integration of this widely used software solutions with FWCloud. Another important feature is support for MySQL 8 database engine.

We want to thank the community for all the suggestions and help to make FWCloud better every day.

Update procedure
The next time you access your FWCloud platform by means of the web user interface, a popup message will warn you about the new versions for FWCloud-UI and FWCloud-API packages. Say yes to run the update process and your FWCloud platform will be updated in a matter of a few minutes.

New features
- Added MySQL 8 support.
- New special Hook script rule.
- New special CrowdSec compatibility rule for IPTables/NFTables CrowdSec firewall bouncer.
- New special Fail2Ban compatibility rule.
- Code in policy script for detect if Docker automatic rule generation is disabled when the Docker compatibility option is enabled.
- Button for disable object info tooltip.

Latest video tutorials
- CrowdSec compatibility.
- Fail2Ban compatibility.
- Hook script rules.