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FWCloud-API 1.7.2 and FWCloud-UI 1.6.1 released.

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
We have just released FWCloud-API 1.7.2 and FWCloud-UI 1.6.1.

These are patch releases in which we have solved some bugs:
- Solved problems with the display of the checking for updates dialog.
- Bug in `iptables-save` import procedure when `-p tcp` and `-m tcp` are used at the same time in combination with the `multiport` IPTables module. This bug created TCP port 0 service in affected policy rules. Reported by Jeremy Mueller.

We have added a new context menu for the title of the FIREWALLS, OBJECTS and SERVICES boxes. This is useful if, for example, we can not retrieve the OBJECTS tree. We can use the repair tree menu option in order to solve the problem.

Update procedure
The next time you access your FWCloud platform by means of the web user interface, a popup message will warn you about the new versions for FWCloud-UI and FWCloud-API. Say yes to run the update process and your FWCloud platform will be updated in a matter of a few minutes.

To update Docker containers when new versions of FWCloud are available follow the next instructions published in the corresponding section of the FWCloud website.

In order to update FWCloud-Agent you will found documentation about the procedure to follow here.

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