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FWCloud Docker version

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
We are very proud to announce the availability of FWCloud Docker, a dockerized version that will simplify very much the deployment and maintenance of any FWCloud platform. We have even prepared a Docker Compose file that you can use for have running a full operational FWCloud console in a matter of minutes, as explained in the Docker installation section of the FWCloud documentation.

Look at the video tutorial that we have created about it.

The FWCloud Docker images are updated automatically every time we publish new releases. Thanks to this you will always have available the last features by updating your FWCloud Docker images to the latest versions. The procedure for update these images is very simply too and it is explained in the Docker install documentation.

FWCloud Docker images are available in our DockerHub account.

We have also prepared a parametrizable Docker Compose file that will allow the execution of several FWCloud instances in the same server. All details about it are available in the GitHub fwcloud-docker repository.

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