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FWCloud-UI and FWCloud-Websrv releases

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
We have released new versions for FWCloud-UI and FWCloud-Websrv:
- FWCloud-UI 1.3.1
- FWCloud-Websrv 1.0.7

These are patch releases for solve some bugs and we have added too a few new interesting features to FWCloud-UI.

Update procedure
The next time you access your FWCloud platform by means of the web user interface, a popup message will warn you about the new versions for FWCloud-UI and FWCloud-Websrv packages. Say yes to run the update process and your FWCloud platform will be updated in a matter of a few minutes.

New features
- OpenVPNs lists are sorted by its name.
- Button for disable/enable info tooltip.
- Changed documentation directory.
- Added grid settings in order to customize columns visibility.