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FWCloud updates using FWCloud-UI

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new FWCloud release whose main improvement is the possibility of carry out updates from the user interface.

This new release introduces some structural changes too.
Two new modules (FWCloud-Websrv and FWCloud-Updater) have been added.
  • FWCloud-Websrv: Web server for downloading FWCloud-UI and proxy API requests to FWCloud-API.
  • FWCloud-Updater: Allows updating of the rest of the modules. The update requests are forwarded from the FWCloud-API to the FWCloud-Updater.

If you want to upgrade your current FWCloud platform, please run FWCloud-Installer script as explained in our installation documentation and it will make all necessary actions for adapt your platform to the new structural changes.

We have modified de installation documentation to reflect all these changes.
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