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Import from fwbuilder or IPTables

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
Hello Alasdair,
It is not possible at this moment because the internal operation and data structures existing in FWCloud is quite different from the one used by FWBuilder.

For example, in FWBuilder all data is stored in an unique XML file and in FWCloud we use a relational database, in FWCloud we use separate tables for the IPTables input, output, forward, etc. chains and in FWBuilder some of them are mixed, etc.

We have thought several times about creating a migration tool for FWBuilder but there are too many structural differences between the two products that make very difficult to create such tool.

Nevertheless, you can migrate by hand all your FWBuilder firewalls to FWCloud and benefit from all the amazing advantages that FWCloud has over FWBuilder. We have already done for all the firewalls that we used to manage using FWBuilder.

If you need assistance, we will be very pleased to help you with this change.
Best regads!