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New FWCloud releases.

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
It is a pleasure to announce the availability of the next FWCloud package's releases with lot of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.
- FWCloud-API 1.3.0
- FWCloud-UI 1.2.0
- FWCloud-Websrv 1.0.5

There are two main new features included in these releases: the NFTables compiler, now you can compile your firewall policy for both IPTables and NFTables based firewalls; and the advanced routing management, we have added support for routes, routing tables and routing policy management using drag and drop and the simplicity that characterizes the FWCloud solution.

Its has been a very hard work but at last it is finished and available for the FWCloud community.

Update procedure
The next time you access your FWCloud platform by means of the web user interface, a popup message will warn you about the new versions for FWCloud-UI, FWCloud-API and FWCloud-Websrv packages. Say yes to run the update process and your FWCloud platform will be updated in a matter of a few minutes.

New features
- Advanced routing management using the drag and drop features of FWCloud-UI. It is possible to easily create routing tables, routes and routing policy by means of the user web interface FWCloud-UI and the new set of API calls for routing management.
- Routing compiler for generate the script code that allows apply the routing configuration in the destination firewall.
- NFTables compiler. A new firewall policy compiler that allows generate the policy installation script using the NFTables Linux kernel packet classification framework. At this moment two compilers are available: IPTables and NFTables.
- Improved the `Where used` feature including the new routing feature.
- Better control to avoid leaving empty groups or hosts used in policy, routes or routing policy.
- Take into account routes and routing rules in the API call for the most used colors.
- Compilation of several firewall rules, routes or routing rules.
- New theming system with light/dark support.
- Support for keyboard shortcuts to cut/copy/paste/move/delete rules from the grid.
- Hundreds of new software tests.

Latest video tutorials
- NFTables compiler.
- Advanced routing.