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New FWCloud-UI, FWCloud-API and FWCloud-Websrv releases!

Carles Munyoz

Staff member
We are very proud to announce the availability of a new FWCloud release with lot of new features, huge performance improvements and bug fixes. This update affects the modules FWCloud-UI, FWCloud-API and FWCloud-Websrv. The main purpose of this new release is performance improvement in several critical parts of the FWCloud system (IPTables compiler, grid for policy management, objects trees, etc.).

Update procedure
The next time you access your FWCloud platform by means of the web user interface, a popup message will warn you about the new versions for FWCloud-UI, FWCloud-API and FWCloud-Websrv. Say yes to run the update process and your FWCloud platform will be updated in a matter of a few minutes.

New features
- New virtual grid component for policy management with lot of performance improvements.
- Huge improvement in IPTables compiler process. Nearly 40 times faster.
- Optimizations in API calls for policy and trees (firewalls, objects, services and CA) get. Around 10 times faster.
- Improve snapshot, backup and restore performance.
- VPN client configuration naming wizard.
- Header description in OpenVPN configuration files.
- New menu option for only sync the CCD files of the OpenVPN clients pending of install.
- Allow deletion of FWClouds, even when they are not empty.
- Updated online documentation for FWCloud-UI.

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